When you plan, you have to take stock in where you are and review how you got there. I imagine there are more than a few that, like me, feel if they had done some things differently, made a different decision a few times, you would have better results.

As years stack up and the probability that more have passed than you have before you, those lyrics "regrets, I've had a few" have a way of subtly sounding self-accusatory. Personally, I have lots of "I wish I had done's" and unfortunately a good number of "I wish I hadn't done's". That being said, I look at where I am and understand that were I to go back and have even just one do-over, it is possible I might not be in the same place today.
So, for all the times I have not measured up and to all those I may have hurt and disappointed, I am sorry. Understand, those were tiny seeds of my tomorrow's being planted. Regardless of every challenge that remains and despite the dreams dreamt in vain, I would not change a thing. 
There is not a lifestyle, a dollar amount, a possession I would rather have than the life I have today. Should you undertake the same reverie, it is my hope you learn to peel back the illusions and feel the joy of today and the life you have.
Not a sermon, just thoughts to ponder on any afternoon.