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where did Santa Claus come from?

Hmmmm, well the story begins, like all good stories do, a long, long time ago in a place that few people ever visit.  If you were to go there, you would have to plan very well. You might have to pack a gazillion lunches just to eat along the way. Why from your front door, you would have to travel… read more.

Thoughts to ponder on any given afternoon

When you plan, you have to take stock in where you are and review how you got there. I imagine there are more than a few that, like me, feel if they had done some things differently, made a different decision a few times, you would have better results. As years stack up and the probability that… read more.

Good art evolves

 Paintings usually do not happen in a rush. The seed planted by the muse first finds safe harbor in the right hemisphere of your brain. Once rooted, it gently nudges the body into action. Good art evolves. … read more.

thoughts on "Luncheon on the grass" (Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe

"Le Dejuener sur l'herbe" aka "Luncheon on the grass" by Manet. Controversial to be sure. My thoughts? How lovely.  I have always viewed this piece metaphorically. The strength of the women depicted is quite apparent. They do not need to hide who they are. They sit with men that need the accoutrements… read more.

March On

March OnMarch onarm in armselfies galore march onsound your vocal cymbalsnoise that lasts until the last wave has no home for an echo march onblindlyrailriotresist with eyes wide openblinded by your own lightthe danger is hidden in plain sight march onthe enemy will allow you to tirethe… read more.


youin the dark of the nightsleeping gentlynext to you it is a dream come true in dawns early lightwaking slowlynext to you it is a dream come true as the day beginssipping coffeenext to you it is a dream come true as the day moves onfervently workingnext to you it is… read more.

little child

little childlittle childthe world has grown around youpaths once travelledandforbidden by starlightnowlay forgottencement coveredcarrying so manyso farand yet you freeze at the stop signsnever tasting the brothmust you be lostalwayssearching for yesterday's joysin a worldthatgrows old softlyandwill you… read more.


distantso tonight my thoughts are of my son.estranged. poisoned. in pain.the little boy, now man.out of touch. out of reach.parent's is easy to smile and share joy. it becomes raw when the coin is turned.but i heard a whisper from the muse.years of doubt. years of accepting blame. so many nights… read more.

sun comes up wednesday morning

sun comes up wednesday morningno matter how dark the nightit passesno matter how real the frightit passesno matter how deep the painit passesno matter how dark the stainit passesconcrete covers claychildren remain at playaprils discovers mayyou only have todaystill i movefrom then till nownever knowing… read more.

visions of rebecca

visions of rebeccaHours drift to morning timeSleep won't come to a troubled mindDays long past keep rolling byFreedom's gone, love's a lieStorms rage on and boats are tossedSome are found but most are lostPrayers are said and fingers crossedNo cage holds the albatrossMorning comes and news is readWords… read more.