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Artist Bio - John MacArthur

John MacArthur

“Art is unique. Look at what I create. Understand, you are seeing a part of me. Naked. Just as I am. That is art. Artist’s don’t hide when sharing. They sit next to you on the bus. They stand behind you in the market. You don’t see them. Stand before their work. Then, then you see them”

I am a full time artist and illustrator. My artwork has been published in books and magazines, exhibited in numerous exhibitions and sold to clients worldwide. I discovered my passion for drawing and painting when I was a ten year old boy. My father took me to the premier of "Lust for Life". I began my lifelong journey. 

My formal art education began and ended in high school. In the late 60's, I went to New Orleans and took up residence in the French Quarter. I spent several months painting and selling my work adjacent to the church in Jackson Square. A lack of funds led to a autodidactic exploration of shape, form and color.

 "Color is a language all it's own. I use it to communicate. My goal is to reach inside the viewer and touch their heart."


In March of 2002, the Maryland Jockey Club decided to seek a new artist for the Preakness promotions. After interviewing dozens of local artists, they selected John MacArthur.

 The picture to the left includes a             representation of the painting created
 for the 2002 Preakness.

 The artwork was included in   promotions,calendars, mailers, folders   and programs for the biggest sporting   event in the state.

 This piece includes a portion of the   grandstand, tents, barns in the distant rear   and the saddling of the horses. The race   was won by the Kentucky Derby winner   War Emblem.


The response  was so great, the Maryland Jockey negotiated with Mr. MacArthur for the 2003 Preakness promotion artwork. They requested that the image for 2003 to offer more of a feel for the actual race.


The image above  was selected and used to promote the 2003 Preakness Stakes. Once again the artwork was included in promotions, calendars, mailers, folders and programs.
This piece includes the Cupola, tents, and the horse race in action. The race was won by Funny Cide.

Following the 2003 Preakness Stakes Mr. MacArthur chose not to negotiate for the opportunity to produce any future Preakness art work. He returned to the studio and painting for pleasure rather than commission.

 “I only have so much time. There is so much to share. Your world, my color. I only ask that you slow down and see what I see.”


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